SAY North Score Reporting

Loveland Say Soccer Association League Standings
as of Sat, 20 Sep, 2014 for Fall 2014 Soccer

Boys Loveland Boys Passer League Loveland Boys Passers A


1Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationTim Burns440012
2Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationMichael Kady430110
3Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationKeith Koehne430110
4Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationMichael DeVylder41303
5Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationMatthew Dickman40400
6Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationEric Walzer40400


DateLocationHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScoreComments
2014-09-13VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Keith Koehne5Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Eric Walzer0 
2014-09-13VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Michael Kady1Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Matthew Dickman0 
2014-09-13Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Michael DeVylder1Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Tim Burns3 
2014-09-10VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Keith Koehne0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Michael Kady0 
2014-09-06VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Michael DeVylder1Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Keith Koehne2 
2014-09-06VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Matthew Dickman1Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Tim Burns8 
2014-09-06VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Michael Kady6Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Eric Walzer0 
2014-09-04VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Tim Burns5Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Eric Walzer0 
2014-09-04VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Michael DeVylder6Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Matthew Dickman0 
2014-08-23VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Matthew Dickman0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Michael Kady5 
2014-08-23VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Tim Burns7Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Michael DeVylder0 
2014-08-23VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Eric Walzer0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Keith Koehne4 

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