SAY North Score Reporting

Loveland Say Soccer Association League Standings
as of Tue, 16 Sep, 2014 for Fall 2014 Soccer

Girls Loveland Girls Passe League Loveland Girls Passers A


1Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationMatt Herring440012
2Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationKelly Stepaniak440012
3Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationChristopher Carlson43109
4Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationJennifer Hubbell43109
5Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationScott Stanley43109
6Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationTate Bolin42206
7Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationMike Scherpenberg41303
8Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationDavid Mason41303
9Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationJustin DeMoss30300
10Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationCarrie Brown30300
11Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationMark Wilson40400


DateLocationHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScoreComments
2014-09-16Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Scott Stanley3Loveland SAY Soccer Association-David Mason0 
2014-09-13Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Tate Bolin1Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Jennifer Hubbell2 
2014-09-13Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Carrie Brown0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Mike Scherpenberg4 
2014-09-13Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Justin DeMoss0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Matt Herring4 
2014-09-13Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Mark Wilson1Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Kelly Stepaniak6 
2014-09-10VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Christopher Carlson2Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Jennifer Hubbell1 
2014-09-06Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Matt Herring8Loveland SAY Soccer Association-David Mason0 
2014-09-06Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Christopher Carlson0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Tate Bolin1 
2014-09-06Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Mark Wilson0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Scott Stanley2 
2014-09-06Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Mike Scherpenberg0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Kelly Stepaniak5 
2014-09-06BettyLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Jennifer Hubbell8Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Justin DeMoss0 
2014-09-03Loveland SAY Soccer Association-David Mason2Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Mike Scherpenberg1 
2014-09-03VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Scott Stanley4Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Tate Bolin0 
2014-09-02VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Kelly Stepaniak5Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Carrie Brown1 
2014-09-02VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Christopher Carlson3Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Justin DeMoss1 
2014-08-27VFWLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Matt Herring7Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Mark Wilson0 
2014-08-23Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Mike Scherpenberg3Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Jennifer Hubbell4 
2014-08-23Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Mark Wilson2Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Tate Bolin5 
2014-08-23Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Matt Herring3Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Scott Stanley1 
2014-08-23Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Carrie Brown0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Christopher Carlson5 
2014-08-23Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Kelly Stepaniak2Loveland SAY Soccer Association-David Mason0 

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