SAY North Score Reporting

Loveland Say Soccer Association League Standings
as of Thu, 24 Apr, 2014 for Spring 2014 Soccer

Girls Loveland Girls Passe League Loveland Girls Passers A


1Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationCarlson11003
2Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationStepaniak11003
3Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationMentzer11003
4Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationWoodyard-Neiger00000
5Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationWilliams00000
6Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationHubbell10100
7Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationYeager00000
8Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationVenosa00000
9Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationHerring00000
10Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationBrown10100
11Loveland SAY Soccer AssociationBolin10100


DateLocationHome TeamScoreVisiting TeamScoreComments
2014-04-18Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Bolin0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Carlson2 
2014-04-05Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Brown0Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Stepaniak1 
2014-04-05Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Carlson Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Carlson  
2014-04-05Betty RayLoveland SAY Soccer Association-Mentzer5Loveland SAY Soccer Association-Hubbell4 

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